Specified commercial transaction law to display

■ Store namee-room (e-room) and
■ Name of SellerCo., Ltd. Dragon Japan
■ Person in chargeSakuma health
■ Address and contact informationZip 278-0022 Noda-Shi, Chiba Yamazaki 1914-2
TEL: 04-7157-4578
■ Sale priceProduct list・details page
■ Product delivery time (period or deadline), andInventory product 2 from 14 days. Also, the product gave a slight Delivery delay in your delivery time will be charged to the separate contact. Product if promptly contact you.
Registration expirationCard in case of payment immediate payment.
Other method for the settlement of the case after application 2 weeks
■ Sales volume and sales conditionsProduct list and detail page.
■ Application methodWebsite account creation, fill in all required fields create an account, please apply.
■ RETURNED GOODS conditionsDelivery 7 days as a returns will be accepted. Defects, defects, delivery process, damage to the company and the delivery charge, otherwise return shipping is at your expense.
■ Incidental expensesSpecial packaging, Assembly, and charge a fee for the product list and details page.
■ Consumption tax, domestic tax and non-tax distinctionTax amount is displayed
■ Business law related qualificationsNo
■ Accessories withoutStatement of other accessories, product list and detail page on the.
■ RemarksHuman errors, etc., the price and the actual selling prices may differ. The civil law and Article 95 of"trial and error based on the contract invalid"based on the shop's discretion, cancellation of order not provided.
In addition, the use of our products or use of, or otherwise in relation to loss or damage that may also be liable.
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